Tunisia: Activists plan to protest outside Sfax Governorate building June 25

Activists plan to protest outside Sfax Governorate building in Tunisia June 25. Increased security, localized transport disruptions likely.


Activists plan to demonstrate outside the Sfax Governorate building in Sfax from 10:00 June 25. Protesters are denouncing the deteriorating living conditions and the influx of irregular migrants into the region. Dozens to a hundred individuals could attend the demonstration.

Increased security and localized transport disruptions are likely near the Sfax Governorate building the morning of June 25. Clashes between police and protesters cannot be ruled out, particularly if demonstrators are overly disruptive or if they ignore police orders to disperse.


Avoid the protest due to the potential for clashes. Heed the advice of security personnel. Allow additional time if traveling through the affected area June 25.

Source: Garda

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