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Tunisia prosecutor blocks release of opposition leader

A public prosecutor in Tunisia on Friday appealed the decision to release opposition figure Chaima Issa from prison, according to local news. As a result, Issa was not able to leave prison on Friday. Issa’s lawyer told local news that the decision came after a counter order was given to the public prosecutor. He emphasized that this is a political move that reinforces Tunisia’s legal and political instability.

Issa is a prominent Tunisian activist and leading opposition figure in the National Salvation Front (NSF) who was arrested in February 2023 after remarks made on a radio interview about Tunisian authorities. She was charged with offenses relating to cybercrimes and conspiracy against state security. Issa was one of many individuals arrested under President Saied’s conspiracy investigation. Her supporters said her arrest was unjust and an infringement on free speech in Tunisia.

After the decision to block Issa’s release, families of Tunisian political prisoners called attention to Tunisia’s political situation and the treatment of political opponents. They highlighted the importance of freedom of speech and expression and the need for an independent judiciary that would ultimately lead to the freeing of political prisoners. Supporters of the National Salvation Front rallied on Sunday to demand freedom for Issa and the 20 other political opponents of Saied who have been imprisoned.

Source: Jurist